Thank you for your interest in Expert of Nothing, the greatest live game show Baltimore has every provided! If you think this claim is a bit bold, you've got a sense of what we are all about. We are not terribly concerned with "facts" and "information" like most other game shows or resources. We believe than in the age of pop journalism and wikipedia it is more important to be convincing than correct.
If we told you that unicorns did exist, and we guarantee them at every performance, you would probably want to come and verify this - AND RIGHTLY SO! If you were disappointed not to see what you generally consider a unicorn, and called us out as liars, we would be able to define unicorns in a way that re-truthed our statement. This would make us not only not liars, but experts on unicorns because we hold all of the fact cards. Also, bonus points for coining the term "re-truthed."

Our next show will be January 26th at 8pm!

A very special episode with double the amount of guests, as we pit the Rebel team against the Empire. It'll be like the Battle of Hoth, only with cold wit as the weapons. And possibly pocket knives. We're checking on the legality of that.


January 26th - Japan
February 23rd - Sex Education
March 30th - The 90's

All shows are located the last Sunday of EVERY MONTH 8pm, at