Who are we?

The creators, curators, and hosts of Expert of Nothing are John Bennett and Patrick Storck. More on them soon.

John Bennett is the host of Mondo Baltimore and the Chuckwagon Revival Podcast. He is also the co-host and co-creator of this thing. During his free time he is a mercenary jackass for short films (some stag parties), and holds a blue belt in movie trivia.

Patrick Storck is a Baltimore writer of such plays as Brew of the Dead, such comics as Muppet Sherlock Holmes, and such films as Corpus Kristi. He is also a Showtime Trivia host and member of Drop Three Improv. He also likes long candlelit walks on glaciers and has an irrational love of potatoes.

Jon Freedlander, our audio engineer, is a member of the band Solar Temple Suicides, and also composes additional music as Denver International Airport, and oneirogen.