What are the rules?

Contestants challenge their knowledge (or lack thereof) in a battle of wits to be Baltimore top know-it-all, where it's not what you know but how you flow on topics ranging from Astronomy to Zooey Deschanel.

How does one play? It's simple:

The game is a battle royale elimination tournament where the best BS artist(s) advance, but the eliminated can come back to haunt you. Players are whittled down until only one will emerge as "THE EXPERT OF NOTHING."

Eight (8) contestants each choose one (1) separate topic they believe they know well from a list of diverse topics including pop culture, science, history, current events, and more. They must relate this topic to another topic randomly assigned from another batch, which will be presented to them (and the hosts and audience) when they come up on stage. At that point the hosts begin the clock.

In the first round the contestant must combine, compare, contrast, and connect the two (2) topics as creatively as possible and try to convince the audience you're an "expert". They have two (2) minutes to speak uniterrupted on the topic, opening with their thesis then exploring all possible avenues of thought. After their time is up, they will have to take on a short round of questions from the hosts and audience and prove their expertise.

For the second round, four (4) contestants will be asked to select another topic, and will again be assigned a second topic. This time them must speak for four (4) minutes, but will be challenged throughout their presentation by the hosts and one of the contestants eliminated in the first round.

The third round will be two (2) contestants going head to head in a barely moderated debate, following the "Irish Pub" format of volume, insult, and short sighted rationalization with elements of the "talk radio" posturing and intellegencia.

Scoring is done by our judges based on creativity, conviction, and crowd pleasingness. Use of call-backs, incorporating other testimonials, and such doesn't hurt.

While Expert of Nothing is presented in a game show format, this is intended as a performance for entertainment purposes only. No prizes or compensation are guaranteed to nor should be expected from performers. The format of this presentation is ©2012 John Bennett & Patrick Storck.