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Thank you for your interest in Expert of Nothing, the greatest live game show Baltimore has every provided! Because this show relies on the audience just as much as it does the contestants, we want to leave the door open for your input not just during our live Q&A rounds, but also in preperation for the shows. That's why we are accepting submissions for topics to present both at the shows and right here on the site!

To minimize spamming, flooding, and all the usual stuff the internet is so frustratingly known for, and to keep a balance of topics in the categories we use, we've set up the form below. Just fill it out and click submit! You don't have to fill in every category, but please only use one suggestion per category per submission. Also, feel free to use the form multiple times. Sure, it may sound like a pain if you have thirty suggestions for kids shows, but don't we all? This is a well rounded show. Theoretically.

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